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Red Propeller

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Social Impact Recycling Services


Our Business:

Red Propeller is an environmentally responsible solution with social impact – (1) we divert recyclable components away from landfills while (2) providing jobs to individuals with barriers to employment.

  • Project Get Reel™ is a project of Red Propeller, Canada’s only recycling service for VHS and media tapes. 

  • Green Propeller Recycling is a project of Red Propeller, Ontario’s first recycling service for child car seats.

Red Propeller is honoured to be recipient of Business Achievement Award

Employer of The Year
Ontario Job Opportunity Information Network 2016

"You found something that someone in the right frame of mind would not want anymore that would benefit the environment and create jobs.” Paul Lemieux of Late O'Clock interviews. The Comedy Network. Be a partner in this social good mission
"There is a lot of winning of this project" -The Honourable Art Eggleton


Phone: ‭(647) 302-2105‬

Business Tags: #ReelChange, #RecycleVHS, #CarSeatRecycling #1LessSeat #1World2Keep #Employment


530 Keele Street, unit 301
Toronto, Ontario
M6N 3C9


Project Get Reel™ is a green project of Red Propeller Inc.
Project Get Reel is a trademark of GenesisXD Inc.

Green Propeller is a social impact recycling project powered by Red Propeller. 
1LessSeat™ and 1World2Keep™ are trademarks of Red Propeller Inc.