We Heart Social


We Heart Social

About Social Enterprise Toronto

Social Enterprise Toronto is a network of social enterprises that share the common goal of supporting and growing social enterprise in the GTA. These enterprises all provide employment or training opportunities for low income or marginalized individuals. They operate in a range of industries, including catering, courier delivery, construction, printing, crafts and interpretation.

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SET was founded in 2006 as the Social Purpose Enterprise Network of Toronto by social enterprise managers. 
SET is a self-managed network funded through a combination of annual dues and the support of Toronto Enterprise Fund/United Way Toronto.

For more information, contact: socialenterprise.toronto@gmail.com

SET members at the Mental Health & Social Business Forum in Ottawa, November 2015

Why should we join the SET Network?

For starters, you’ll be part of a strong network of social enterprise practitioners that learn from each other.

SET will also help you build your brand and drive more customers and partners to your doorstep (or email inbox) through various marketing and community engagement initiatives.

You’ll also be better represented in policy dialogue as part of a recognized network with a history of effective research and policy engagement.

Buy Social Canada

SET is the official certifying agent for Buy Social Canada in the Greater Toronto Area. The Buy Social program has been created to encourage social value purchasing across the community, private and public sectors, and to provide an external social enterprise certification program.

Social enterprises are certified on the basis of purpose, revenue source, incorporation, profit distribution and operating principles.

What is Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise can be many things – the term is often used to refer to businesses or non-profits that use market mechanisms to achieve a social mission.

For SET, a social enterprise is an organization that employs business methods and practices to create training opportunities and employment for low-income and marginalized individuals. These hybrid organizations function in the divide between traditional business and non-profit social agencies, harnessing the strengths of both.


Join Social Enterprise Toronto

Membership is open to social enterprises located in the Greater Toronto Area that have a focus on creating jobs or training opportunities for low-income or marginalized individuals.

To join for 2018, please download the membership form below, fill it out and send it in, along with the membership fee, to the address at the bottom of the form.

Social Enterprise Toronto Membership Form

You can also choose to apply online below


Three ways We’re Making A Difference

Build  – Support – Animate

Three ways We’re Making A Difference

Build  – Support – Animate

Friend us.
Share the news.

We’re building awareness about the value and impact of non-profit social enterprises, both to the public and policymakers

We’re supporting these enterprises by providing information, resources and useful connections

We’re animating the network of enterprises by connecting them to each other and strengthening relationships

SET Conference 2014

SET Conference 2014


Steering Committee Social Enterprise Toronto is directed by a Steering Committee elected by the network members for two-year terms. 

The Steering Committee members :

  • Marc Soberno, Building Up
  • Joyce Brown, Working for Change
  • Bill Penny, Options Mississauga

Network Coordinator

  • Allan Day, Social Enterprise Toronto


Social Enterprise Toronto partners with the following mission-minded organizations:

  • Toronto Enterprise Fund
  • GenesisXD (Media Sponsor)


  • Canadian CED Network
  • Learning Enrichment Foundation

Past Partners

  • Ethical Hosting
  • Lang Consulting
  • Carleton Centre for Community Innovation
  • CMSF
  • The George Cedric Metcalfe Charitable Foundation